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We provide a total project management solution from harness design through to manufacture. This is supported through the use of our complete harness design and development software packages Vesys and Arcadia. Our experienced and dedicated engineering team are prepared to offer their services at any stage of the harness development process.

All products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality control within our ISO9001:2008 quality system. All wiring looms and assemblies are 100% electrically and visually inspected before packing. This ensures that no faulty product is passed onto our cusomers and that feedback is immediately available to the production areas so that process adjustment and training needs can be addressed.

Wiring Harnesses

We can manufacture a complete range of wiring harnesses, from simple fly lead assemblies to several hundred vehicle wiring looms.

To support our harness assembly process we have invested heavily in an extensive inventory of tooling and machinery including over 100 applicators (eg. Tyco, Deutsch, Delphi, FCI, Molex, Yazaki, Sumitomo, ITT). This gives us the advantage of being able efficiently process most connection systems without the usual upfront tooling costs.

Using crimp force analysis technology, crimp height and pull testing, we ensure that all terminations are monitored for consistent quality.

When complete all wiring harnesses are 100% tested using Cirris test software and visually inspected before packing.

High Voltage Harness & Cable Assemblies

In recognition of the growing electric vehicle market, we have recently invested in stocking a range of high voltage cable and connection systems plus their associated tooling.

Battery & Multicore Lead Preparation and Assembly

Using our Schleuniger Powerstrip cutting machinery, we are able to efficiently cut and strip multicore & battery cables up to 70mm² and with an OD of 12mm.

Using Cembre hydraulic tooling, we are able to process heavy duty terminals from 10 to 120mm².

Electronic Assemblies

We are able to design and manufacture small PCB electronic assemblies incorporating microprocessor technology for both through hole and surface mount components.

Panel Assemblies

We have the ability to manufacture control panels, DIN rail systems and electrical enclosures and offer design support on all your requirements.

All assemblies are 100% electrically & visually tested.

Wire Processing - Terminating, Sealing & Ink Jet marking

Using our Megomat wire processing machines, we can efficiently process wires, fitting a large range of terminals and wire seals. We also have the facility to inkjet mark wires individually to allow for easy identification.

Consistent quality is ensured with every crimp using crimp force analysis technology. Crimp height and pull test data is also recorded for additional assurance.

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